Affiliate Bootcamp + OFA Challenge: The Best COMBO since Burger + Fries 
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In the Last 15 Months Clickfunnels have paid out $31 Million to Affiliates
Russell Brunson is one of the Worlds Leading Affiliates - he has been there and wore the T Shirt. 

His company, Clickfunnels, offer one of the most rewarding Affiliate Schemes out there.

40% Reoccurring Commission on software and training that can literally change your life, and has done for many people in many different industries.

But What is Affiliate Marketing?
It is kinda like recommending a product to your best friend, and if they buy it, then you get a small commission too. Everyone wins.

So now you can see why Clickfunnels itself is such a good choice and why so many people are earning big money promoting it. 

➡️ They pay you monthly recurring commissions 
➡️ They pay a large percentage of sale price to the affiliate (40%)
➡️ The Clickfunnels training from Russell is proven to work
➡️ The Clickfunnels software is the missing link between a website and exploding your online sales & subscribers. It sells itself. 

You don't have to be an expert in all aspects of Clickfunnels in order to promote it. 

You can choose one area that works with your own business and focus on how Clickfunnels helped you, and can help others in your industry too.
This is not a get rick quick system that can be done with zero effort. 

If you're not willing to listen, take on-board advice or put the work in then STOP reading now.
Affiliate Marketing applies to almost.....
  •  Any Industry
  •  Any Hobby
  •  Any Passion
As you now know, Affiliate Marketing gives YOU the opportunity to earn money by helping others with their buying decisions.

The core concepts of Affiliate Marketing can be applied to any Product or Service. Whilst I would highly recommend promoting Clickfunnels and finding your own angle, the strategies taught are applicable to everything.
Think about the stuff you love, your passionate about, you can talk about, write about, and what you could help others with?

Making Money
Diet & Nutrition

The opportunities are endless!
Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way Of Monetizing Blogs, Facebook Groups, Instagram, YouTube
So What Is This Exciting Opportunity?

Russell Brunson reached out to the Top Super Affiliates that promote Clickfunnels and asked them to HELP EVERYONE with one single question....
Hey <Insert Super Affiliate’s Name Here>

If you had to feed your family with nothing but your affiliate commissions… And you had only 100 days to turn this hobby into a full-time career...

If you were starting pretty much from SCRATCH, with:

→ No large list to email…
→ No product of your own...
→ No influencer connections…
→ And no online reputation established just yet...

What would you do (over the next 100 days) until you were full time?
- Russell Brunson

He Wanted to Know EXACTLY What They Would Do, Step by Step, to Turn Their Part-Time Earnings Into a Full-Time Career…

Once the results came in, he took all that information, all that GOLDEN advice, and he bundled it into a FREE course - The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.
A collection of 100 day plans from the experts -  After reading over a handful of them, Russell and his team were TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully apply the tested and proven marketing secrets found in these 100-Day Marketing Plans, could turn their affiliate marketing ‘hobby’ into a full-time career.

Do You Know How Much He Is Charging For These Plans....

But What Is The Catch ?
Russell wants to MAKE SURE you watch AND implement each of these 100-Day Plans...
So, He Is Going To Give You A Short, 96-Hour Pass Where You Can Watch Them For FREE!
Then They Are Gone.
There is a way to keep these forever and refer back to them. 

There is a way to get the Affiliate Summit Bootcamp plus arguably the BEST training course Clickfunnels have ever released, AND an absolute stack of bonuses...........How?
Sign Up For The Affiliate Bootcamp PLUS The One Funnel Away Challenge and you will get from russell.....
    Total Value: $3,223
    Signing up to the One Funnel Away Challenge gives you permanent access to these interviews plus more Affiliate Bonuses

    *  Digital Copy Of The Book “100 Days To Becoming A ClickFunnels Super Affiliate” 

    * Unlimited Access To The Affiliate Bootcamp Interviews
    * Behind-The-Scenes EXCLUSIVE Walk-Through Of Each Super Affiliate’s Funnel 

    It also gives you access to the One Funnel Away Challenge
    5 Weeks of Mind Blowing, Intensive, Life Changing Training.

    Imagine Russell Brunson TRAINING You For 30 Days, and helping you launch your first (or next) funnel, (with DAILY TRAINING and LIVE COACHING from two of his Two Comma Club coaches)

    ... For Just $100
    In this training Russell covers:

    Mindset & Belief
    Creating your offer
    Telling your own story
    How to reel in your customers with hooks
    the concept of sales funnels
    how to build your first funnel
    Where to find your audience

    and much more......

    The One Funnel Away Challenge immerses you Into Proven concepts of sales & marketing regardless of your prior Experience 
    BUT WAIT !!!
    Almost everyone I have spoken to that has participated in the OFA (and this was before you got the added affiliate BONUSES) has said they would have HAPPILY paid much much more, because it is a crazy good course...

    So I am going to SWEETEN the deal just for you...........

    I truly believe that the One Funnel Away Challenge is the most life changing training I have ever participated in. 

    It can benefit ANYONE in ANY PROFESSION. Business owners, Entrepreneurs, or those that just want to get started....
    If you sign up to affiliate bootcamp & one funnel away challenge through this page then as a thankyou i will Also give you my bonuses....
    You can immediately start promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge yourself and try and stake YOUR claim to some of that $31 Million they paid out the last 15 months.
    Let's Recap
    1. Sign Up for Affiliate Bootcamp
    2. Sign Up for the One Funnel Away Challenge
    3. Receive your bonuses
    4. Get started on your journey to amazing things

    Do Not Miss Out On This Amazing Opportunity To Learn From The Best Affiliate Marketers & Reach New Heights With Your Business Or Side Hustle Through The OFA Challenge

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